What should a main contractor expect from their M&E partner?

    Blog0117What should a main contractor expect from their M&E partner?

    For main contractors, a successful partnership with an M&E services provider ensures a project is delivered to the highest standard and as efficiently as possible.

    To secure that partnership and provide the best possible service for your clients, here’s what you should expect from your M&E contractor:

  1. Early engagement: Your M&E contractor must work as an integral part of the team from the outset. This early engagement ensures they can advise on the most appropriate M&E design and develop a solution that’s tailored to the brief. In doing so, any potential issues can be identified at the beginning, saving time and improving efficiency during the installation stage.
  2. Loyalty: Early engagement requires an M&E contractor to invest in the project and work on a design for many months without having secured a contract. This requires a lot of good faith and loyalty on both sides, but if each party remains committed to the partnership during these early stages, this makes for a stronger relationship once the contract is awarded.
  3. Quality: We’re only as good as our last job so delivering consistently high quality work is essential. This also means providing work on time and on budget. This quality and consistency comes with experience and an extensive knowledge of which products will result in the best installation.
  4. Honest and open financial agreements: An ability to work in a timely, flexible and open manner avoids the risk of any inflated or extended project costs. If the scope or scale of a project varies unexpectedly, your M&E contractor should be willing to work with you to find a solution that keeps the budget and programme on track, rather than increase costs.  
  5. A succinct handover process: Defect visits should be a rarity. If a successful relationship has been built with your M&A contractor then handovers should be seamless.

M&E contractors are vital members of the construction supply chain. Getting the relationship right will benefit all parties but most importantly, ensure the highest levels of client satisfaction.

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